Kids are King

Kids are King

The Abbey Medieval Festival is the perfect outing for kids. It’s a Must Do for your calendar this year. If you choose to do one special thing with your little people in 2015, this should be it.

Why? Let me tell you a story.

Not far from the Abbey Museum, about an hour away from Brisbane heading north, is a strawberry farm. I recently took my kids there, to experience the joys of being outdoors and getting back to the old days of hunting and gathering for food. It’s character building. And we had a ball. The kids got dirty, they played in hay bales, they laughed, they ate real strawberry ice cream and then went home – full of sunshine, strawberries and happy memories. This adventure reminded me of our last time at the Medieval Festival, and I started to draw similarities. These do not end at the sunshine and treats. No, it’s much more profound.

The Festival is about connecting with history. Just like the simple task of plucking strawberries from a stalk, the festival is about getting back to our roots. It’s about showing kids a snapshot of the history of mankind. What I loved about the strawberry farm was the distinct absence of theme park-like attractions, and it was a breath of fresh air. The Abbey Medieval Festival is very much the same.

The Festival will give your kids a chance to step into the world of princes and princesses, be king for a day! They will feel dirt under their feet, wind in their hair, and the buzz they feel will be from cannon fire reverberating through their bodies, not from the after effects of fairy floss. From hearing the clang of metal on metal, and the shouts of raucous crowds. It’s thrilling. Throw away the dagwood dogs, and step off the Chair-o-plane. Give your kids a far more real experience of a lifetime, and take them along to the Medieval Festival.

Some of the best attractions that kids are sure to love include the many different music performances, dancing, and of course the jousting tournaments. There will be birds of prey, archery displays and juggling. It’s a preservative free feast for the senses!

See you there.


Nicole is a paediatric Occupational Therapist and Managing Director of Gateway Therapies.