Kids Dressing up for the Abbey Medieval Festival

Does your youngster dream of being a knight in shining armour or the famous Robin Hood or one of his merry men? Are you bringing them to the Abbey Medieval Festival to fulfill their dreams?  If so I guess you are dressing them up in a little cotehardi and tights or pretend armour and helmet. This, of course, is a must for our little knights in shining armour or brave archers.

But what about weapons?? Do we have to apply for a weapons permit for our little warriors?

Okay parents this is what you need to know.

You DO NOT need a weapons permit for toy swords. But please be aware that if your young one challenges another youngster to a duel, you ARE responsible for their action and safety.

Now when it comes to bows and arrows, I am afraid it is one or the other. Unfortunately because our young archers do not have the necessary control to safely fire their arrows in a crowded festival.

We do have an archery range run by the Traditional Archery Company where your young ones can have the opportunity to safely shoot some arrows … it is only $4 for 5 arrows. Or you can purchase a day pass for $13 and go back as many time as you like throughout the day.

We want you and your children to have a wonderful time at our festival. But past experiences have taught us that we need to take certain safety precautions.

Remember, when it comes to toy swords, axes and bows… then plastic or foam is best and safest for your children and the other children they may play with.