Artist in Residence – Tania Crossingham


Artist in Residence at the Abbey Medieval Festival



Our talented artist in residence, Tania Crossingham, draws her inspiration from a lifelong love of books, art, medieval history (especially manuscripts) and a deep connection to the Divine. Tania’s early career was inspired by the exquisite illuminated books of the middle ages. Over the years Tania has produced beautiful artworks based upon these illuminated books and has also worked with inks, watercolours, pencil sketches and digital art. Through her beautiful art, Tania hopes to inspire others to see the divine in the world around them and to explore the mystery of self.

During the festival, you can see Tania’s beautiful work for yourself, including original illuminations. You will also have the opportunity to purchase prints, cards, bookmarks and bookplates. Get your tickets now to make sure you don’t miss out on wonderful Medieval-style art!