Red Gargoyle and the Abbey Medieval Festival

This year the Abbey Medieval Festival will be welcoming Red Gargoyle for the 9th Year running

I thought it would be very fitting to write an article on my Mother’s business that has been renowned for it’s Abbey support and presence, which I have also been an active part in.

My mother Linda first attended the Abbey Medieval Festival in the 1990’s when she lived at the Glasshouse Mountains. She started Red Gargoyle in 2007, a one-woman grass roots Australian business and became a stallholder at the Abbey the very same year.

Linda has been fascinated by medieval history ever since watching Errol Flynn in Robin Hood as a child to picking up a book on the Celts in her early 20’s. Our ancestry is Celtic on both sides of the family tree and she has always felt it in her very soul. Recently my mother Linda returned from a month in Ireland where she explored many a castle ruin and graveyard in preparation for painting a series on Celtic mythology.


Linda started the business because of her passion for Medieval, Celtic and Norse history and the lack of any jewellery and gifts that weren’t tacky or clichéd. She acquires antique and vintage brooches from Scotland, Ireland etc and has them copied and cast in Australia in high quality pewter to then make them into necklaces, brooches, kilt-pins and earrings. Another part of her business is stained glass sun-catchers featuring these pewter pieces as well usually in the form of a medieval shield or Celtic cross one of the most popular pieces at the Abbey that customers return yearly for. Other popular items Red Gargoyle sells are hand-painted banners, flags and original art on canvas. The most popular pendant pieces are the Knights Templar, Tuetonic Knights, Viking Longships, Thor’s Hammers and Celtic Knotwork. In the stained glass it would be the Templar Knights Shield and Celtic Cross Shield. Linda has proudly donated her stained glass shields as prizes for the Knights since 2007.

The Abbey Medieval Festival is the highlight of Linda’s year professionally and socially. She talks of the love of the vibe, the entertainers, other stalls and food. It is eye candy and a sensory overload for 2 glorious days. Preparation starts the week after the last one has finished by working out what was the most popular and least popular, customer’s feedback and requirements. The serious prep starts six months prior with planning and making of the stained glass and banners. Linda works full-time as well running the Red Gargoyle online business so it takes careful planning. Home of Red Gargoyle is very hectic especially six months prior, Linda is up by 7am, manufactures till noon, off to work, back home at 9pm, manufactures till 11pm then off to bed, over and over six months prior to the Abbey Medieval Festival.

My Mum Linda often speaks of The Abbey Medieval Festival staff and volunteers every year and how they do an awesome job encompassing support for stall holders, entertainers and the general public and their level of achieving excellence is second to none.

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We hope to see you at the next Abbey Medieval Festival.

Melanie Sparkes

Owner At Green Bubz