The Pilgrim’s Cofyn – not what you think!

So who wants to volunteer at The Pilgrim’s Cofyn?  And no it is not what you think!!

Roles are being allocated for the volunteers for the Jousting Spectacular.  Each role showing itself to be a GREAT opportunity to have some medieval fun with other volunteers and patrons throughout the night.

I can just see our ‘Pedlars’ having fun with the crowd – jeering, huzzahing, teasing – just as it would have been in medieval times. Yes, you can come on board to be a pedlar and yes you have permission to go all out to play the part!  People just LOVE IT!!

Yes, our costume lady is on board and we are sorting out the bars and the food – what to serve and sell, and how, and we are making lists of what we need……   phew! Who doesn’t love a good list!

I have done a bit of research and just today special medallions have been ordered for all our volunteers, re-enactors and actors for the night. A keepsake of a great night!

We are putting together some fun ‘medieval’ phrases for our volunteers to practice before the night so we can get everyone in the ‘medieval mood’!

I can’t wait for the adrenalin of the night to kick in, to see the smiles on people’s faces as they see the fun names we are creating for the bars and the food stalls!  And these names are ‘of the day’ and will also educate people as to medieval times.

Brewster Inn will be a perfect spot for strong women – in medieval times, it means ‘woman who brews’.  Would this suit you?? Or someone you know?

Or the Puny Harp Inn where there will be medieval herbed beer available?

We still need another 50 or so volunteers to join the team – to help with set up, to liaise with re-enactors and actors, to help with food and drinks service and to just come on board for some good old fashioned medieval fun!!

We want BIG numbers , because you know how it works…..  the more the merrier!!    And we mean MERRIER!!

So what is a ‘cofyn’ (or ‘coffyn’)?  It is a medieval word for pie crust – so it is pretty much a bakery!!  I imagine you didn’t see that coming!!  So come and have some fun at The Pilgrim’s Cofyn with us serving some good old fashioned food!

To purchase tickets to the Abbey Medieval Jousting Spectacular coming up on the 15th of November, check out this page, it’s a perfect way to escape Brisbane over the G20 weekend.