Jousting Profile Part Four: Sarah Hay

Sarah started jousting in 2008 after seeing a tournament at a festival in NSW.  Having always been attracted to all things medieval, jousting immediately caught her attention and instantly became her passion….it remains her passion seven years later.

In 2010 she made my first trip to Europe to joust in Belgium.  Since then, she has travelled internationally at least once or twice every year in New Zealand, USA, Canada, Belgium, France, Poland and Denmark.  Her most recent trip was to the World Invitational Grail of Chivalry Tournament in New Zealand in February, where she became the first woman ever to win the Grail of Chivalry.

In Australia she hosts four jousting tournaments each year.  These include ‘Tournament Australis’ in July and the ‘Southern Cross Tournament Series’ – three tournaments over three weekends in November.  These events include mounted games, jousting and mounted archery.

When she’s not jousting, Sarah works as a full time deputy principal in a large primary school in South Western Sydney.  She’s also passionate about educating children to enable them to grow up to the best they can be.

Her goal is to continue competing successfully as an international jouster into the future. She never thought that her sport would take me around the world each year.  Sarah believes it is a privilege to have this opportunity and she looks forward to seeing her friends at the Abbey Festival in 2015!