Making the Most of the Heroes of the Abbey Trading Cards


Your faithful Abbey Guide to making the most of the Heroes of the Abbey Trading Cards! AMF2014_TradingCards_Map_WebThis is our recommended path to take to collect as many signatures of the individuals and groups featured in the Heroes of the Abbey Trading Cards.

On the Map

0. This is where you start your adventure, collecting or buying your trading cards from the stall beside the abbey stall. Be sure to say hello to me 🙂

19. This is this is the first signature you should collect, they are located directly behind the stall where you can buy the trading cards.

18. Collect signatures from one or all of the members of Cottereaux at their encampment.

22. Head to the encampment of the Knights order of Lion Rampant to collect this signature.

21. Head to the jousting to collect this knight’s signature. Fair warning, he may be jousting when you get there, so please be patient.

13-17. Collect a mass of signatures! Look for these individuals at the Rusland New Varangian Guard Encampment.

24. If you are feeling a little sick or just want to collect the next signature, head to the Companie of Knights Bachelor.

27-28. Head to the Companye of Northumbria for these two signatures. Make sure you ask them what their mottos mean!

23. Embrace “The Foolish Life” with Das Torichte Leben and collect this signature.

29-30. Head to the Society of Sail for these two signatures, but watch out for arrows!

20. Collect signatures from The Company of the phoenix at their encampment.

4. Collect a signature from someone working or attending the Stag Inn.


Not on the Map

1-3. Festival Wild Cards. Our recommendation is to find individuals whose costumes inspire you. Or collect the signatures from your favourite memories!

5-7. Some of our incredible volunteers and-coordinators. Look out for them all over the festival.

9-12. These members of company of the wolf are not formally at the festival, but make sure you look out for them throughout the day!

25-26. Keep an eye out for these knights throughout the festival!. Look for Danny at the merchant’s district.