A Giant Update

First day of the Giant making was a huge success! Upatree Arts introduced us to the giants we would be making, the Green Man and Jester.

So far this has been an amazing opportunity for supporters of the Abbey Medieval Festival to create something that will feature at the Festival during our 25th anniversary.

We started the day by creating the stencils that we will be using for screen printing the Jester’s costume.

We were taught a technique called “Sun Printing” which we then practiced on calico bags (Which we then got to take home!) before using what we had learnt to print on two 10-meter long pieces of fabric.

We were then taught how to “Screen Print” (which we got to practice on our take home bags) and finished up the day by printing some of the jester’s costume with our stencils. The giants still have a ways to go, but we cannot wait to see them taking shape.

A massive thank you to Upatree Arts (seriously guys, thank you!)

For more details on what we will be doing in the next few sessions be sure to check the links below.

Upatree Arts Giants Parade Workshop: Body Frame Construction

Upatree Arts Giants Parade Workshop: Body Frame Construction 2

Upatree Arts Giants Parade Workshop: Costume Design and Construction

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