Happy Birthday Sir Blair!

There is one voice synonymous with The Abbey Medieval Festival – our Herald, Sir Blair Martin. The man with a magnificent memory, voice and presence, Blair has brought style, panache, grandeur, elegance, flair and his unique presence to the Festival for the last 14 years, and it is in this, his 15th year, we want to celebrate the special part he plays as our Master of Ceremonies.

When Blair joined the Festival team he brought with him a love for knowledge and a personality bigger than Ben Hur. A veritable walking encyclopedia, Blair has the ability to come up with discuss any topic without faltering – perfect for bringing a voice to microphone-less re-enactors and performers.

His is a presence to be found in all aspects of the Abbey Medieval Festival.  From our Banquet to the Jousting to the Parade spectaculars of the Tournament, the quintessential skills and talents have entranced and gladdened the hearts of our patrons over these last years.

We wish you a magnificent Birthday Sir Blair – may there be many more!