Gowns for the Festival!

Between the 10th and 14th centuries women are generally depicted wearing a simple, smooth gown with tapered sleeves and full skirts, and these gowns are great for many different periods. They can be worn on their own with simple accessories to fit in with the 13th century, or can be worn under bliauts, fuller gowns and as an undergown.

Now for a surprise! Three handmade gowns are available; in a forest green, navy blue and scarlet red, they’ll stand out in a crowd. These gowns come with a white belt and a medieval style necklace, to help you get into the spirit of the Festival! The sizing is a medium to large (12/14), and has an approx 20cm train.

Part of the sale price will be donated to the Abbey Museum as well – so not only do you get a great gown, you help the Festival and Museum!

Follow this to the Gumtree site and check them out!