To travel back in time.

I seem to be going for a book theme here! Gotta love a good book though. However I digress. Has anyone read ‘The Time Travellers Guide to the 13th Century’ by Ian Mortimer? I think it’s fabulous! It’s written as a travel guide, the same way the Lonely Planet would write one for Paris or Canada, and it filled with references and a full list of sources. As much as (in my opinion) it’s been thoroughly researched, it’s a joy to read and full of amazing facts.

It’s amazing to think that in 1377 there were approximately 40,000 people in London. Only 40,000! The next most populous city was York with approximately 12,100 people. Now London has roughly 8,174,100 -as according to Google/Wikipedia. To put it into perspective, there are 306,909 people on the Sunshine Coast as of the last Census, and approximately 16,200 people on Bribie Island – which would have made it the second largest city in England at the time. Caboolture has 37,085 people, which makes it almost as large as London! Isn’t it incredible to imagine, that Caboolture would have been essentially the biggest city around? What do you think is the most amazing change from how they were to how we are now?