What’s a Re-Enactor?

So what do YOU do when you’re not doing your day job?

Some people go home to their acquariums; some people play Farmville on Facebook; some people rebuild steam locomotives; some plan and prepare for the next extreme sport venture; some people knit; some people drink; some people. . . . . you get the idea.  We all fill our lives with that which interests us.

So, What IS a Re-Enactor?

Luckily for us, there are people who are passionate enough about particular era of history and a group, community, tribe, etc from that time-frame that they actually spend their days, their nights, their weekends and sometimes more – really ‘engaging’ with the whole experience of that lifestyle.

I say ‘luckily for us’ because these are the very people who bring with them that passion for that very lifestyle, their diverse knowledge of their special interests, their devotion to ‘getting real’ (which we call authenticity) through their own hands-on experience by actually living those realities of their personal interests, to the not only the Abbey Medieval Festival’s Tournament weekend, but the Kids Medieval Fun Day and the Medieval Banquet as well.

This lot are known as Re-Enactors!

We here at the Abbey Medieval Festival demand high standards of quality re-enacting, and are happy to report that we always have a great many more worthy applications from the very best of the re-enacting realm in Australia than we can possibly accept.  This benefits you dear readers and patrons.

Each year we highlight the groups on our pages, and in order to encompass the 1000 odd years of history that ‘Medieval  History’ covers, we group them into various centuries.  Many of the re-enactors have their own websites as well, and you may even find them on social media too.

If you are a bit of a history buff; if you are an organic gardener; if you are a culinary-oriented person; if you are at all interested in costumes and fabric; if you like the thought of battling with sword and axe, foil or jousting lance; if you are interested in anything that over one thousand years of experience might have in store to delight, surprise, intrigue or engage you – then meeting and listening and talking to our re-enactors might just add a tad to your own interests.

Or perhaps if you are a trading cards buff, you might even be able to get your newly purchased cards signed by the featured group!