The makings of an outfit.

I’ve decided to contribute a little more (and help you get into the festival spirit) by making costumes, of which part of the proceeds will be donated to the Museum. So not only will you look fabulous on the day – you’re also helping the Museum to preserve their priceless artefacts, and to help make the Festival run. Although I do have to note – I’m not a reenactor, so while the costumes may not be exactly correct from a historical point of view as they’re made using modern techniques and patterns, they will definitely make you feel at home at the Festival. I’m aiming to make ladies dresses, cloaks, and find jewellery that fits the medieval theme. I’m also open to suggestions!

My first project will be a female cotehardie, and it’ll have tippets and a belt as well.  I’ll keep you updated on how fabulous it is and how it comes together!

I’ve also found a pair of ankle boots which I think fit the ‘simple boot for people who want to get into the spirit of things’ requirement quite nicely! They come in black, tan and purple. Call me crazy, but even though the black and tan looks quite nice, the purple might not quite suit. What do you think of these? Good for the spirit of things?