Medieval Music

Music, music, music.

No matter where you go at the Abbey Medieval Festival, you will find music!

From the Kids Medieval Fun Day’s drum-making workshops, to the Gregorian Chanting we present every year at the Tournament, to the live street entertainment wandering the crowds, to the encampments, to the parades, to the stalls, to the Morris Dancing, to the wonderful musicians and musical re-enactor groups we engage for your pleasure – all of this and more is an integral part of medieval life – just as music is today.

Medieval Music, like today, was available in all aspects of life.  This image was taken at the Medieval Banquet 2012.

Photo: Bruce Levy.



Ahhh, sweet sounds for the ears, rhythms for the feet, heart-stirring resonance for vitality – I could go on and on.

The medieval era was pretty important time musically-wise it seems.  Academics and musicians have a wealth of tradition and development of medieval musical presentations, techniques and instruments to delve from this era.




The Drum-Beating Workshop at our Kids Medieval Fun Day is always always highly sought-after.

This image is to be found on our Kids Medieval Fun Day bookings page.




Drum-Beating Workshops at the Kids Medieval Fun Day – an important part of the Abbey Medieval Festival Event held over a week – is a most popular activity for young and old.  I’ve yet to see a face that isn’t delighted to be near this one.



Photo: Peta Gittins.  One of our Medieval Musical Groups who attended the  2012 Abbey Medieval Festival

Photo: Peta Gittins. One of our Medieval Musical Groups who attended the 2012 Abbey Medieval Festival


We can’t possibly show you all of the varieties and the exceptional people, instruments, groups and all the ways that Medieval Music pervades the whole of the Tournament and Festival in just this little post – you’ll have to have a look and a listen for yourselves at the Medieval Music array to be experienced!

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