Trading Card Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the Heroes of the Abbey Tournament Trading Cards?
A: The heroes of the Abbey Tournament Trading Cards are collectible merchandise that showcases many talented individuals who make the festival great.
• These include:
• Re-enactors
• Jousters
• Merchants
• Volunteers
• Re-enactor Groups.

Q: How many trading cards are there?
A: there were a total of 40 trading cards in the 2013 set. The final numbers for 2014 are not yet confirmed.

Q: Where can I get the trading cards from?
A: They are available from our Abbey Online Store and will be available from our Abbey stalls during the festival.

Q: What can I do with the trading cards?
A: You can have re-enactors sign them during the festival, collect them, trade them with friends.
In 2013 we had a large group of people hunting for signatures from the Re-enactors and groups in the cards. The 2014 trading cards will include rules for a trading card game that can be added too each year.

Q: I am a re-enactor/Jouster/Stall holder/Volunteer, can I be involved in the trading cards?
A: The applications for 2014 are now live and can be found here.

Q: Will the trading cards be available after the festival?
A: Only for a limited time online and in our Museum stall. Once the 2014 festival is over the 2013 cards will not be available.

Q – Will I get paid for being a part of the trading cards?
A – No, but nor will you have to pay anything for them. We will cover all the printing and production costs associated with the cards.

Q – Will I have to pay for my own card?
A – Our plan is to give accepted participants 20 of their own card which they can do with as they choose. Give them to friends and family, sell them on ebay, trade with other re-enactors or even sign them and give them to fans at the festival or anything else they can think of.

Q – Who picks who gets accepted?
A – The marketing team in consultation with other event coordinators.

Q – Why are you making trading cards?
A – Its part of our marketing efforts to help raise the profile of re-enactors as a culture whilst also creating collectable merchandise that will be unique to each year. In 2013 all participants at the festival had at least 2 people seek them out for signatures.

Q – Why has no one asked me to be a part of this??
A – We have made the trading cards an application process so that no one is restricted from applying. We encourage everyone that wants to be involved to complete the application found here.

Q – Trading cards!! Are you serious?? Why not make action figures too!
A – That is a really not a bad idea, after the success in 2013 we may examine that possibility in the future. This project is designed to help re-enactors connect with their audience much like sports stars connect with their fans.

If you have any more questions, please do not hesitate to contact us directly at