On books and new bloggers.

I’m excited! This is my very first blog for the Abbey Festival, so I think I should tell you a little bit about me, and why I’m here. I’m a recent graphic design/advertising graduate, and have a passion for history, typography, reading and (recently rediscovered) sewing! I’ve volunteered at the Museum because it’s my way of helping out, and the Festival is such an incredible event I couldn’t resist watching it come to life.

Now for the actual blog, instead of a blurb about me. I’ve decided to re-read the Tudor series by Phillippa Gregory, and still find myself spellbound by her writing. Whilst they may not be completely accurate historically or may portray people differently to how they were, Gregory is an amazing writer and can draw you deep into the world centred around Henry VIII and his court. It’s intriguing how after all these centuries we can make reasonably (or totally outlandish) guesses on how they behaved, what was said, who climbed over who to make it to the throne. We can never be totally sure that the records left behind are accurate, because the victors are the ones who write history. Taking these books as a semi-fiction work, based on real characters, means they are much more enjoyable then worrying about who said what or behaved how.

Reading such engrossing stories should be done in paperback, rather than as I’ve done on an e-book reader. Because the silly things go flat and there’s nothing to be done! What’s your favourite historical book?