The Medieval Carnivale: Dampened show, warmed by a Fire Dragon!

Youngest member of Kamilaroi, Sasha Hinchcliff (7), makes her debut at The Medieval Carnivale. Photography: Neda Lundie.

Saturday night at the 2012 Abbey Medieval Festival was Carnivale Night.  Even though the conditions were wet, the crowd still lined up to get in the Jousting Arena to see the show. Friars Folly Tavern was busy serving mead to the costumed folk. The show began with a gypsy wedding display from Shuvani Romani Kumpani. The sounds of ululation and drumming coming from the gypsy encampment set a tribal start to the night.

The Kamilaroi horse vaulting show was scaled back to accommodate for the slippery conditions. Still, the performance had the crowd on edge as the beautifully dressed riders performed handstands and rode without hands. The giant white horses lunged around in circles and the Gypsy drumming added to the suspense as youngest member of the riding team, Sasha Hinchcliff (7), performed her vaulting debut with bravery and style.

New England Medieval Arts Society performs with a Fire Dragon. Photogrpahy: J.G. Fitzpatrick.

The lighting was powered off as New England Medieval Art Society brought out the highly anticipated Fire Dragon! The crowd in the arena was warmed by giant burning fire mosaics. Cheers were heard from the crowd as a brave warrior slayed the dragon with a fire sword.

The Fire Dragon is Slayed! Photography: Neda Lundie.

After the show, dedicated fans of the medieval show stepped into the jousting arena for the public dance workshop. Jackie Menynart from Praxis lead a dancing workshop to the largest group of medieval folk she had ever worked with. The night ran overtime as the public jigged and twirled and tore off in dancing rows for a medieval banana split.

While the weather put a chill on the show line up for many guests,  the quality of the performances still managed to make the night worthwhile to see. Promises of music, costumes, fire, horses and dancing made the Carnivale a show not to miss. It was good to see so many people brave the rainy conditions. Would anyone like to see a day time show at a future Festival? Please leave us your comments and feedback.

Dancing in the rain at The Medieval Carnivale. Photography: Neda Lundie.

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