Janissary Barracks and the Ottoman Empire.

A renowned era in history - Janissary Barracks of the Ottoman Empire. Photos by D Duncan

I made a mistake here in the hub of the Abbey Medieval Festival’s 21st Century operation-centre (known any other month of the year as ‘The Office’) the other day.
The first I knew about it was when I received a very polite email asking me to correct an images issue on our blog.  Specifically this post.  It was about our Carnivale and the gypsy influence.
Harriett, one of our bloggers, selected a really lovely image from our burgeoning files which caught her eye and posted it.
And then we received the email.
The photo was actually one of our esteemed re-enacting groups – Janissary Barracks!!!!!!
This is Leeona Smith dancing in orange costume with white blouse and blue hip scarf and Lee-anne Martin drumming in the background.

Janissary Barracks is a group which focuses on the mid-15th Century Ottoman Empire where the Janissary Barracks itself held great renown.
The mistake was all mine.
I was the one tasked with the ‘photo-sorting’ task.  I was the one who mucked up.  I’m the one who enabled Harriett to access the wrong photo.
One of the reasons I’m passionate about all things ‘Abbey’ is their integrity when it comes to their accounts of history and their constant striving for accuracy and the truth in all of their work.  The Abbey Medieval Festival with its Banquet, Kids Medieval Fun Day and Tournament is an event staged for your pleasure and experience while all the while strict criteria of authenticity and accuracy on all levels are strived for.
So, Janissary Barracks – forgive me.  It was all my (Jo’s) fault.  I’m so sorry.
We all appreciate the re-enactors who present their living history lives at the Tournament for all of our enjoyment. We appreciate you Janissary Barracks.

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